Leather for upper we provide

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain indicates that the leather is using the whole part of the leather with minimum correction, also known as Premium leather. It is very strong upper as it is the thickest possible leather from the hides. Full Grain offers the widest variation as it is often processed further to becomes Vegetable Tanned leather, Pull-up Leather, and many more.


Nubuck is full grain leather that being corrected so that flaws on the surface are minimized. As it is corrected and refinished, the leather texture is softer than full grain leather. However, Nubuck is considered stronger that his brother, suede, and very suitable as your boots upper with some kind of different look.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse is basically a nubuck leather that treated with oil impregnation. It has more supple texture than nubuck leather with similar look from outside. The characters are matte look, casual, and pretty much easy to scratch. They don’t need too often conditioning as they contain extra oil from impregnation process. Often called also as Oiled Nubuck.

Pull-up Leather

Pull-up Leather is a Full Grain that treated with oil impregnation (usually using Chrome as catalyst, also known as Chrome Tanned) so that the hides would contain a high amount of oil. The beauty side of Pull-up is the discolouration when the leather bended or worn so they will show some sign of wear and tear. As it is impregnated by oil, the care guide for Pull-up leather is very easy. Just clean ‘em up everyday and they’re ready to go again.


Calfskin is basically a young bovine animal leather, especially a cow in its first year and usually the full grain part is used in produced this kind of leather. They have a very tight skin pore and fine grain quality which made them pricey rather than Pull-up leather. It has less scars on the surface rather than the old animal skin that processed into leather.

Rough Out

Rough out leather is basically a full grain leather (usually Pull-up leather) that flipped inside-out between the smooth side and the flesh side, hence the name rough out (the rough-side out). It is well-known for its strong yet tough look and waterproofness. The treatment is very easy as it is only required a periodic brush to clean the dirt from the surfaces.

Vegtanned Leather

Vegtanned leather from cowhide leather. Why “vegetable”? because the tanning process use natural materials like tree bark, is one of the oldest methods of tanning known to man. This leather become much-loved because it provides rich patina overtime. More on this later, but it’s worth reiterating that only natural and organic substances are used during the production process.