Made-to-Order Policy

We accept Pre-order service for those who wish of having new arrival product or suit what you fancy on our official website.
We developed pre-order service because we believe on efficiency as a method to make easier for you on choosing our newest or limited product, so you can be the first person of having it.

Terms & Conditions Pre-Order Policy:

  • All items must be in “Product” menu. If you wish to have a different sizes, do contact us in [email protected]
  • If you unsure with the shoes size you’ve selected on “Product” menu, please contact us in [email protected] for further inquiries.
  • A deposit need (only for Shell Cordovan) for confirmation and can be done through our official website. After the confirmation process done, you will get notification that you order will be in process and your deposit can’t be refund if you wish to cancel your order
  • After the production done, you will get notification in your email that your order is ready to send out and during that time you will advised to settle your payment
  • Your settlement must be paid in a month after you get “ready to ship and use” notification from us
  • If we don’t get your settlement after one month notification, your order will be canceled and the deposit can’t be rrefunded
  • If you lose your order at the check-out process, please contact us immediately in [email protected] or contact customer service
  • We have the right to refuse or reject your order if it’s not eligible in terms & conditions pre-order policy
  • Please be advised, our pre-order is not the same thing as Made to Order (MTO). We have the right to refuse your request if you wish to change Colors / Details/ and Material changes. However, if you wish to make a small changes in one of the shoes product in “Article”, you can contact us through [email protected] for more information.
  • For further information on different sizes that suits for you, please visit “size guide” HERE
  • Every deposit/payment that has entered can not be canceled or returned unilaterally by the customer
  • This policy applicable for All Customer