We have some lasts different , each having adjustment different , depends the form of a foot you.


Some lasts we got a little more width of standard sizes and else would be according true to size .

SC Last

SC last is our most favorite because of its original rugged-ish look and best paired with our Service Boots.
The characteristics are true to size, Width D, medium-high instep and arch. Also bolder yet pointy on the toe box.

MLD Last

MLD last overall characteristics are nothing more than our SC but has ‘lower’ toe box compared to its twin.
Would be very well-paired with our Wingtip Boots.

ALD Last

ALD is our last as it has D on the ball width. It has rounded toe box yields bulky look for your boots.
Would be very suitable to be built on Orion, IMB 2, LTT1719, and LT 207 article.

NH Last

NH is similiar like SC last, but have an almond-shaped on the toe. You don’t have to worry about sizing as it is true-to-size.

HAL Last


It really is the last that we made for our Longwing Shoes article (derby/classic series dress shoe) to give your more confidence in wearing them due to its almond-shaped
toe that very good looking both from your perspective and others. Beside, it has D width, true-to-size fit, and medium-high instep.


It’s perfect for who really want look bulky but not so bulky, Run true to size with D width.

You can share with us if you already own pair of handmade shoes/boots from, even if they are made by other shoe makers,
tell us the details, to ensure the best accuracy. Or you can talk to our Customer Service by Whatsapp or Email