Point of View: Shell Cordovan?

As a leather shoes or boots enthusiast, Shell Cordovan would be very familiar to most of us. That one of a kind leather with a very complicated method and take months to produce and to process them from raw hides until ready to be delivered. But, what is Shell Cordovan actually?

Basically, Shell Cordovan is a leather made from the part of horse’s hindquarters. As we know that horses are very energetic and active animal so that the area has a very minimal fat, the skin surface is also very tight. Then from there selected the ‘two-oval’ area and those oval are ready to be processed. They are tanned, stuffed, shaved, and then polished.

One of a perks of having Shell Cordovan as your upper material is that the leather won’t show a crease line like any other leather. So it remains tight and will ‘roll’ according to your feet. It also has beautiful color range from natural, reddish brown, dark brown, black and more, we can also have the unique glaze from the leather that will stay for years if we care them properly.

Of course with that special characters, they won’t come in cheap. But as the historical value that Shell Cordovan brings, its rarity, the processes, secret yet takes-time formulas, and other special characters, we all can say that it really is the best leather in the world to date would be worth every bucks you have spent.

Yup, imagine you can have a beautiful leather shoes/boots with the best leather in the world as the upper. We are very confident that we can make you one.