Penny Loafers is an original college student shoes back in the early 1900s in Britain. It is widely known for that ‘easy to slip’ yet elegant look. Now Penny Loafers can be used in everyday activity from casual wear until a business meeting. For its versatile function, we tried to bring the joy for the ease of wearing a good pair of shoes in our own design, for your every needs.

Material :
Upper Leather : Nappa Black Leather 1.8 mm
Lining : Lambskin leather
Eyelets : –
Shoelast : SC Last
Construction : Goodyear Handwelted
Welt type : Stormwelt 360 degree
Midsole : 1 Layer
Outsole : Vibram 2537 & Heel
Finishing : Natural
Edge Trim : Natural brown

Note :
The colors shown maybe different with the original products because of the settings of your display screen. We can not guarantee it can be accurate.

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